The process of drawing has always been essential to the development of my sculptural ideas however this recent series of pen and ink drawings expand my current concerns in a purely two dimensional way. They combine direct observation with imaginative speculation and contain the unapologetic obsessional labour of intricate detail. I revel in the absorption required in the lengthy accretion of minute pen and ink marks gradually coalescing into an unpredictable final image.

They contain multi layered information which may include scientific diagrams, astronomical and lunar observations, cloud structures, ancient hill forts, electrocardiogram charts and references to my previous sculptures. In some drawings this information becomes concealed or enhanced and may involve areas of partially obliterated text. The mathematical principles of the Golden Section provide an underlying structure to some of the drawings. Although many of my ideas are influenced by a curiosity about twenty first century theories of physics which question previously held views of reality, I admire aspects of nineteenth century draughtsmanship and in particular the drawings and etchings of Samuel Palmer.