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Cho Hui-Chin


Approved: 08.03.2018

Cho, Hui-Chin born in Tainan, Taiwan, currently lives and works between London, Nagoya and Taipei/Tainan.

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    Cho, Hui-Chin born in Tainan, Taiwan, currently lives and works between London, Nagoya and Taipei/Tainan.



        Raised in a multicultural environment, my Taiwanese ethnicity and its diverse religions, the deep culture surrounding Japanese anime and manga, and Chinese aesthetics have worked to shape the beguiling space which has been galvanised my growth and inspiration. 


        The range of references, themes, and inspirational zealousness of my pieces can vary while the pivotal and rudimentary concepts embrace the ideas of sugar-coated intimacy, sweet nerves and unconscious desires. There are a few concerns in my works and I seek to bring the tropes into reality to galvanise desires; consequently, I experiment around my paintings and sculptures to explore how artificial figures could create authentic evocations. As trauma informing my works, I create quiver lively figures and particular mythical narratives, which reflect what I feel was a disturbing and disturbed world, revolving around figurative iconography. I have a predilection for figures, and I habitually use the iconography of baby as an attempt to understand the existence in between life and death, erotic limits, darkest humanities, as well as a fetish for tactile materials, such as leather, woods, or fabric, symbolising creatures as life which once existed. By exploring these, the process of carving and painting ubiquitously forms my personal therapy and also a sensual, pleasurable process of infatuation, which also present unconscious concepts namely the desire, fetish, ambivalence, sadism and obsession. 


        I postulate that painting and sculpture are the similar references as an ambiguity in their concrete dimensional presence while I also present fluid concepts to spark phycological dialogue. By surfacing elements of personal reflection, romance, sexuality, and the concern for cultural identity, my works is an attempt of therapeutic process to discover solace.

    CV & Education

    Cho, Hui-Chin   

    Artist CV  



    Forename: Hui-Chin

    Surname: Cho

    Year and Place of birth: 26 April 1994, Tainan Taiwan.


    Instagram:  @chohuichin

    Mobile: (UK)+44 7463261513 / (TW)+886 988426100

    Website address:



    Current University: ?Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (UCL)

    Current Programme of Study: BA Fine Art  (First Class Hons)

    Dates - From: September 2014

    • To: June 2018


    Upcoming education

    upcoming University: ?Royal College of Art

    Current Programme of Study: MA painting 

    Dates - From: October 2019 (Academic-year-2018 Deferred)

    • To: June 2021


    Solo Exhibition

    2018   CHO HUI CHIN - Solo Show ‘Consistency: Chaos, Births, Finale, under a sugar-coating’, Soka Art, Tainan


    Group Exhibition

    2018   Slade School 2018 Degree Show, Slade School of Fine Art (UCL), London

    2018   Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries, London

    2017   Scholarship Online Auction, Rome Art Program, Rome

    2017   ARCADIA, Curate: ART|ROOMS, London

    2016  Slade Print Fair, UCL, London

    2016  First Encounter, Framers Gallery, London

    2015  Slade Second Year Show, Woburn Place, London



    2018  Steer Prize, the Slade Prizes and Scholarships Committee, UCL

    2018  CASS ART Painting Prize, Cass Art

    2018  Shortlisted, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize

    2017  Rome Art Programme Scholarship, Rome Art Programme




    2019  (Upcoming) 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

    2019  (Upcoming) Arts Itoya, Takeo, Kyushu , Japan

    2019  (Upcoming) Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan




    2018  Inside Artists - Issue 13

    2018  Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize