This is a site specific installation piece at Queen Street Studios for 'the presence of absence'
A group show by the 2019 MFA cohort from Ulster University.

The 2019 MFA group from Belfast School of Art, UU began their degree pre-Covid. Their first year was cut short, studios were packed-up and practices moved to alternative, makeshift spaces. Despite regaining access to their 5th floor university studios during Year 2, further disruptions ensued with many live shows cancelled or transferred online; as was the case for the Degree Show.

Within this context, the November show at QSS provides a relished opportunity for this cohort of emerging artists to exhibit physically alongside one another. A manifestation of the strong bonds formed against the odds at an uncertain time. The title of the show ‘The Presence of Absence’, reflects this sentiment by exploring the experienced effects of the pandemic, what was absent yet still felt. Unified by theme of internal and external landscapes, the group’s practice spans a diverse range of mediums across the fine arts.

This installation piece is situated within a light well. Allowing for natural light to shift and change the artwork over the course of its existence in the space.
A small crack in the skylight allows for the piece to breathe and move on windy days. As well as amplifying the sound of falling rain.

This piece is made out of cardboard, paper and thread all placed behind a screen of tracing paper.