This Installation titled Reflect (verb) is to go alongside my Still Life series of large scale drawings.

The installation is a large scale, immersive space in which the viewer steps into, and is enveloped by the material doors.
The outside is light, while the interior space is dark, lined with black material in which the viewer can be immersed to view a light box coming down a bit below eye level.

Beneath the light is a black rectangular podium the same dimensions as the light box.
The podium comes up to meet the light, with a gap of just a few inches.

Embedded in the podium is a perspex box filled with water, in which the light is reflected.

Within the light panel are the silhouettes of scattered dead insects, only easily visible in the water’s reflection.

This piece is echoing the precariousness we are facing in relation to climate change, the electricity being close to the water. The gap growing ever smaller as devastation across the planet grows.
The water also being a symbol of rising sea levels and growing frequency of flooding.

The thin strip of light within the dark room is also to symbolize a glowing sarcophagus, the death and attempt to preserve nature, holding it in such high regard.