A precarious balancing act of an installation with a flask containing Thames water with submerged life jacket lights on a circular glass disc. All balanced on wine glasses looking through a porthole in a circular table, with a suspended chandelier of 'ectoplasmic' lighting hanging above.
The lifejacket lights have a 24 hour life span before the light winks out with the pathos of a life maybe lost.
This work references the ebb and flow of the river Thames, riffing on a previous sculptural installation 'The Resonances of Eusapia Palladino', exploring a spiritualist or medium calling up the past and contacting the dead.
The work hopelessly tries to contact those lost at sea and in transition to the pull of London along the reaches of the Thames, their voices are submerged but their existence might be remembered through calling to them.
Made especially for GHostTide at Thamesside Gallery, curated Sarah Sparkes and Monika Bobinska.