Approved: 02.04.2019

Carmen C Wong


Approved: 02.04.2019

As a curiously hungry nomad, my social practice art is a quiet anarchy of listening. 

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  • Location: Coventry, West Midlands

Artist Statement

As a curiously hungry nomad, my social practice art is a quiet anarchy of listening. 

My work grows from meshing the ordinarily simple with the complex and unreckoned, often using food, dialogue, strangerness, and being-with as media. 

The core of my practice is the staging of encounters for these forms to move up against and into (human) bodies. There, they whisper incantations of unknowing. 

My current research explores food and the slippery concept of authenticity in the migrant experience. I am interested in how repetition, translation and care in everyday cooking choreographies, and food micro-ethnographies create sites of belonging.

CV & Education

2019 Recipient of Coventry City of Culture support from Uni. Warwick's Connecting Cultures GRP: Eating into Elsewhere
2018 Society for Artistic Research Group Show (KARST Gallery)
2017 Uni. Warwick Transatlantic Fellowship 
2016 Recipient of R&D support from Uni. Warwick's Food GRP: Elsewhere in Coventry
2016 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship: Measures of Elsewhere
2016 Lovisa, Finland Artist-in-Resident
2016+2014 DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Artist Fellowship Grant
2015-2019 Uni. Warwick's Chancellor’s International Scholarship (Theatre, Performance & Cultural Studies)
2015 Commission by The Hinterlands/Powerhouse Productions via NEA ArtWorks Grant: Tactile Taste of Banglatown  
2013 DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities Community Arts Grant: Tactile Anacostia 
2012 DC Mayor’s Arts Awards Finalist for Outstanding Emerging Artist    
2011 Theatre Communications Group - Global Connections Award
2010 Helsinki International Artist-in-Residence Program Residency