Artist Riccardo Iacono will be resident at Summit Gallery during the two weeks preceding the exhibition to create a site-specific installation. Iacono will be combining video, photography and collage formed and arranged in direct response to the gallery space and its unique location high above the streets of Hackney Wick.
Known largely for his frenetic abstract films, Iacono's recent works include absurd and disorientating performance tapes made by throwing peas, garbage and colourful pieces of wet cloth. The artist states, “My work is process-based and formed through improvisation and play. My concerns are with the situation of seeing and how we negotiate optical, physical and psychological space.”
Iacono works in outside spaces, using the environment as a playground for event, intervention, feedback and documentation. For this exhibition he will use Summit Gallery to bridge the gap between these external locations and the traditional white cube gallery space. The gallery will be transformed into an observatory extending the work into surrounding sites.