The exhibition Events with unknown Outcome examines boundaries of our earthly existence and everyday life, human psychology and patterns of social behaviour. The artists develop their own methods in order to gain insights but share approaches to scientists by defining a framework wherein a staged experiment takes place. The presented works are experiments or the outcomes of experiments that are set out to be unknown even to the artist. The artists take an observational stance within these experiments and evaluate and conclude from the staged action that took place.
A subjective camera or narrator witnesses the performances wherein chance and failure are accepted parameters to influence the outcome sharing the element of suspense, surprise and humour. Insofar the works go beyond mere documentation and demand existence independently from the prior performance.
In displaying the results from these experiments in form of video and photography the exhibition will be the starting point for a discussion on experiment, testing the boundaries, chance and failure in contemporary art as well as the transformative shift from documentation to a work of art.
There were special site-specific installations commissioned and audio visual performances by Simon Schaefer and Quantum Natives during the opening night.