Variation on the body (Untitled No.0773, London 2018)
C-type Print

Untitled is part of a new body of work that I am producing this year. it is a work in progress where I employ my own body to produce a series of emblematic works addressing issues of sexuality, mysticism and the nature of female desire. This first series looks at how the body registers, occupies and defines the space while incorporating personal and found objects that recall element taken form rituals, shamanism, and alternate state process.
The use of the body here is often fragmented or partially obscured but still employed as a recurring presence. Within this contextual framework, I am also questioning and playing with the persuasive power of the visual language. Each single image is saved with a temporary titled of 'Untitled No.xxxx' indicating the actual file number generated by the camera settings. It is an indication that aims to recall the theme of anonymity, of invisibility that is part of the underpinning narrative of the entire project