Body of Work
40CM X 24CM

A research project on exploring the verge between photography as representation and as an abstract form of expression. I respond to the place and space I am visiting or temporarily staying by shooting part of my body as to represent and document my presence, and then what would be the future memory of my experience of that place and within the place. somehow the body becomes an external object that I frame, position and displace, using nudity as a form of communicating the natural instinct we all have to leave a trace of our presence in a moment in time and space.
I also aim to convey issues related to intimacy, loneliness and the comfort and the discomfort that naturally occurs when we deal with our image and the image of our body. The all “Body of Work’ series is all shot in analogue, (colour negative film and Negative Black and white film, 35mm and medium format 120mm) and it has been produced in different locations.