Approved: 16.08.2006

Candice Jacobs

Artist, Consultant, Curator, Lecturer / academic, Project manager

Approved: 16.08.2006

Candice Jacobs is an artist & Lecturer currently based in London, UK.  

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Artist Statement

Candice Jacobs is an artist & Lecturer currently based in London, UK.  

Using her practice as an autobiographical exploration of what affects the development of our individual and collective consciousness, she creates works that investigate how our sense of Self is shaped by the cognitive immaterialisation of production.

Although Jacobs will often place herself within her work through the use of her voice; her body; her thoughts via Twitter; her personal connection to the world via Social, Astrological or Spiritual translations; or the choice of materials used in the creation of her sculptural, architectural and social interventions; it is the audience that becomes the main protagonist for the work, whereby without the viewer there is no activation or space for reflection.  

Recently, she took part in Worlds Among Us, a commissioning project run by Wysing Arts Centre, FACT, QUAD and the Mechatronic Library, to develop 'Sweet Talk: The Vernal Equinox', a solo exhibition & virtual reality environment that links Hakim Bey's concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone with habitual behaviour, spiritual practice and new forms of collective self care.

'Sweet Talk' is a cumulative artwork and research tool that she created with support from Near Now in Nottingham in 2016, to become a support structure and collective care strategy representing her research and personal development via exhibitions, events, a website and a collective self portrait.

In 2016 she was a member of The Eternal Internet Brother & Sisterhood in Sri Lanka, a project by Greek artist Angelo Plessas. Here she made a series of site specific audio and performance based works that explored meditation, astrology and transcendence. Plessas then went on to show an iteration of this project during the recent Documenta festival in Athens and Kassel.

During Nov/Dec 2018 Jacobs have been invited to visit the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, India (dubbed “the Silicon Valley of Asia”) by Italian Curator Marialaura Ghidini.

Jacobs is also the co-founder of One Thoresby Street ( a collective of artists, art spaces and studios; a co-founder of Moot (www.mootgallery,org) and more recently a member of the Near Now Studio (

CV & Education

Solo Exhibitions


Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangaluru, India


Solo presentation with Cactus at Material Art Fair, Mexico City

Unproductive Freedom, VITRINE, London


EXHALE, Cactus, Liverpool


Self Centered Yet Seductive, DKUK, London

Trance & Tranquility, SYSON, Nottingham

INHALE, Project/Number, London


WORK BITCH, Standpoint Gallery, London

Pleasure Voyage, SYSON, Nottingham


Group Exhibitions


Worlds Among Us, Wysing Arts Centre Cambridge, FACT Liverpool, QUAD Derby


Manchester Contemporary with SYSON, Manchester

Celeste Art Prize, OXO Tower, London

Make Something (Seen) With Your Body, VBKÖ, Vienna, Austria; Featuring: Karen Cunningham, Shana Moulton, Kate Davis, Candice Jacobs, Sarah Forrest

Nomination for The Arts Foundation Fine Art Prize

KEEP CALM SAY FOAM [psychophysical treatment], curated by Luca Pozzi, Studi Festival #3, Milan, Italy - Mara Oscar Cassiani, Imaad Majeed, Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Candice Jacobs, Cleo Fariselli, Claudio Corfone, Ed Fornieles, Premiata Ditta, Alessandro Di Pietro, Federico Tosi


Minibar / Stoneroses, Stockholm, curated by Mirak Jamal & Santiago Taccetti featuring Gianluca Concialdi, Chelsea Culprit, Candice Jacobs, Laurie Kang, Ivan Krassoievitch, Erika Landström, Adrien Missika, George Rippon, Gabriel Säll - -

Sweet Talk: The Achatic Rites a project by Candice Jacobs in collaboration with Erica Scourti for Near Now, Nottingham,  Federico Campagne, DiY Collective, Lisa Gates, Patrick Goddard, Candice Jacobs, Jake Kent, Kei Kreutler, Beatrice Loft Schulz, Alicia Mersy, Carina Namih, Paul Purgas, Erica Scourti; Postscript; Camden Arts Centre, London; Sam Belifante, Alicia Mathhews, Serena Korda, Rose English, Kihlberg & Henry, Renate Bandeira, Florian Roithmayr 


#following, FACT, Liverpool; LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, Cécile B. Evans, Debora Delmar Corp., Joe Orr, Ant Hamlyn, Aram Bartholl, Louise Adkins, Simon Whybray, Candice Jacobs, Constant Dullaart and Kurdwin Ayub.

Alien Radio, collaboration with Rebecca Ounstead, curated by Simon Raven, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (commission)

‘Planta: Notes on Botanical Dissidence’, Acme Project Space, London featuring Candice Jacobs, Milou van der Maaden, Isa Melsheimer & Rachel Pimm

Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf, A Collateral event for EM15 at the 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy; Featuring: John Akomfrah, Yara El Sherbini, Doug Fishbone, Ellie Harrison, Candice Jacobs, Hetain Patel, Lindsay Seers, Yinka Shonibare MBE RA, and Eyal Weizman

Sunscreen, an online curatorial project by Candice Jacobs for EM15 at the 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy:

Under A Thawing Lake, Dark Arts International, Material Art Fair, Mexico City Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, LODOS, Mexico City and Grand Century, New York; Featuring Noah Barker

Dora Budor, Nico Colón, Francisco Cordero-Oceguera,Tomás Díaz-Cedeño, Alex Mackin Dolan, Olivia Erlanger, Candice Jacobs, Timothy James Kelly, Renaud Jerez , Jimmy Merris, K.r.m Mooney, Hannah Perry, Puppies Puppies, Carlos Reyes, Yves Scherer, Lewis Teague Wright 


The C(h)roma Show, Bangalore, India curated by Maria Laura Ghidini,

Sansoussi Realty, Tank.TV, London & online curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini & Paul Flannery

Manchester Contemporary, SYSON, Manchester

I Dunno Shit, Rogue Studios, Manchester curated by Joe Fletcher Orr & Calum Crawford

COCKTAIL III, Karst, Plymouth curated by Lucie Akerman & Zoe Williams

Foam, P/N project space, London; Spike Island, Bristol; Banner Repeater, London; AND/OR, London; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; One Thoresby Street, Nottingham;


Emergency 6, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

This is Your New Reality, SPACE | TIME Wysing Arts Centre Arts & Music Festival, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

Il Bardo di Timperley, as part of Art Licks, London

COCKTAIL, The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Candice Jacobs, Tethervision, Zoe Williams, Lucie Ackerman, Joey Holder, Lucy Woodhouse, Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski, Joey Villemont, Its Our Playground, Dirty Talk, Rokk, Lovers Rights (co-curated project)