Approved: 16.08.2006

Bob Budd

Artist, Maker

Approved: 16.08.2006

Site specific projects, Land Art, residencies, exhibitions, commissions.

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Artist Statement

Site specific projects, Land Art, residencies, exhibitions, commissions.

CV & Education

1987 to 1991   State Academy of Art, Stuttgart, Germany
2008/9             MA Art and Ecology, Dartington College of Arts, Devon, UK
List of selected works and achievements - mainly since 2000
Temporary site specific projects (selection):
`Odyssee 2000+1’, Flensburg, Germany - floating sculpture - wood, chairs, lead
`Public View’, Krastal, Austria  - installation in mountain quarry – aluminium foil, tree
`Environmental Art’, Shrewsbury, UK  -  painted steel sculpture 

`Jardin de Sculpture 2005’, Aubazine, France - sculpture in limestone
`Maitres des lieux’, Artists Residency, Saint Lo, France  - stainless steel sculpture
`vis a vis’, Brunnen, Switzerland  - sculptural installations - plastic sheet and wood
`Sur mon chemin un artiste passe’, Jaujac, France -  installation - water and ready mades
`B-Side Multimedia Arts Festival 2010’, Portland, UK - installations – cloth and flour
`Art in the Environment’, Springhead Trust, Wiltshire, UK - installation - wood and plaster
`3.Skulpturensymposium’, Pfäffikon, Switzerland - installation - plastic sheet
`Out of Space’, Rote Menge Nature Reserve, Holland - kinetic sculpture in steel
`Shaking Hands with Ghosts’, Dartington College of Arts, UK - installations/sheep fleeces
`Wool 2’, El Arreciado, Toledo Province, Spain -  installations – sheep fleeces
`Klang-Raeume’, Werkstatt-Krastal, Kaernten, Austria  - sound installations
`Couleurs d’automne 2013’, Annemasse, France -  installation – wheel barrows/water
`High Cross House’, Dartington, UK  - sheep fleece installation
`Home and the World’, Studio One, Dartington Estate, UK  - sheep fleece installation
`Connected’, Int.Kunstsymposium, Schwarzwald, Germany - mixed media/kinetic object
`Wool 3’, El Arreciado, Toledo Province, Spain  - installations – sheep fleeces
`Entre Lacs 2014’ Lille, France -  floating painted wood installation
`Sporen 2014’, Ieper, Belgium  -  installation in barbed wire
`7. Internationale Waldkunstpfad’, Darmstadt, Germany - mixed media installation
`Fete de mai2015’ Gesves, Belgium  - earth form and wood
`3.Internationale Kunstparcours’, Bad Schlema, Germany  -  installation in granite
`SPALT’, Baden bei Vienna, Austria -  mixed media installation
`TRAIT’, Normandy, France -  installation in wood and plaster
`Kulturmenu’, Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart, Germany -  mixed media installations
`SacVal’ Conie-Molitard, France -  installation in wood
`Kunst in Heertuin’, Leiderdorp, Holland - installation in wood, metal and text
ALA 2017’, Old Sheep Factory, Andorra - installation in sheep fleeces, metal and wood
`Global Nomadic Art Project’, Devon, UK - diverse materials
`Couleurs d’automne 2018’, Annemasse, France - sculpture in wood and artificial grass
`Evolving the Forest’, Dartington Estate, UK -  installations – various materials
`Entrée Lacs 2020’, Lille, France - photographic image and wood
`Etangs d’Art’ Brittany, France-  floating sculpture
`Global Nomadic Art Project’, Buzancais, Chateauoux, France - diverse materials
`Sporen 2020’, Ypres, Belgium - grass/wood installation

Permanent artworks for public buildings and spaces (selection):
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, UK - suspended glass/photography work
Chapel of Rest, Buchenbronn, Germany - architectural glass and sculpture
Beatrice Royal Art Gallery, Eastleigh, UK -  glass facade
Europa Park, Klagenfurt, Austria -  marble sculpture
Lauster Stone Quarries, near Villach, Austria -  installation in marble
Bistumshaus, Speyer, Germany - glass wall, 3 glass doors, glass cladding on lift shaft
Broomfield Hospital, Essex, UK - ceiling mounted backlit photography
Sustrans Art Project, Northumberland, UK -  installation with 256 trees
Lana, Sued Tirol, Italy - sculpture in steel and stainless steel
Chateau de Sedieres, Tulle, Correze, France - sculpture in stone
Architectural Dept.of Catholic Dioceses of Heidelberg, Germany - suspended glass work
Tacchi Morris Performance Arts Centre, Taunton, UK  - suspended glass sculpture
Wildspace Art Trail, South East Northumberland, UK  - stainless steel sculpture                        
Beacon Quay, Torquay, UK  - steel sculpture and light works
Sculpture Path, Mandarfen, Pitztal Austria -   land-art works in stone
City Park/Russian War Cemetery, Bernau bei Berlin, Germany - sculpture in granite
Sculpture Path, Leogang, Austria  - wood and sheep skin construction
Gols High School, Gols, Burgenland, Austria - sculpture in granite
Forest of Valley, Bavaria, Germany - sculpture in marble and granite
Sentiers d’art en Condroz-Famenne, Wallonia, Belgium - suspended sculpture in metal

Public Art Design Projects (selection):
New town centre/public square, Llanhilleth, Wales, UK - floor design/stone and lighting
Eberspacher GMBH, Head Office, Esslingen, Germany - kinetic sculpture in forecourt
Rhondda Hospital, Llwynypia, Wales, UK  - courtyard metal sculpture
Civic Centre, Ostfildern, Germany - architectural glass, paving, lighting, sculpture
John Osborne Arvon Centre, Shropshire, UK  - text based sculpture
Kassel Kredit Institut, Stuttgart, Germany  - glass walls in foyer
Hidden Rivers Project, Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - steel /water sculpture
A.K.Bell Library, Perth, Scotland, UK -  free standing glasswork
McGraw-Hill, Canary Wharf, London, UK  - backlit wall mounted glass
St Helier Quayside Redevelopment, Jersey, UK  - sculpture in metal
Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery, Sunderland, UK - wall mounted glass/stone reliefs
John Osborne Arvon Centre, Shropshire, UK  - text based sculpture
Maria Himmelfahrt (Catholic church), Schriesheim, Germany - architectural glass
Verbinden/Trennen, Int. Kunstmeile am Main-Donau-Kanal, Germany -diverse materials

Work in Public Collections (selection):
Fundacio Centre del Vidre de Barcelona, Spain.
Galerie Firma Derix, Taunusstein, Germany.
Meteorological Office Collection, Exeter, UK.

Exhibitions (selection):
`Elemental Insights’, UK Touring Exhibition.
`Designers’ Habitats’, Collins Gallery, Glasgow, UK
`Kunstwerkglas’, Messe Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria.
`Arbeiten im Kreuzgang’, Maximiliankirche, Düsseldorf, Germany.
`Glas aus Stuttgart’, National Glass Museum, Romont, Switzerland.
`Internationale Skulptur’, Galerie des Europahauses, Klagenfurt, Austria.
`Kunst in Stadtraum’, Hauptzollamt, Munich, Germany
`Skulpturenwerke’, Bildhauerhaus, Krastal, Austria
`Vitrall Actual’, Col.legi d’Enginyers i Aparelladors de Barcelona, Spain
`Internationale Skulptur’, Galerie des Europahauses, Klagenfurt, Austria
`Angelus’, Cockington Court, Torquay, Devon, UK
`Weitergehen’, Galerie des Rosengartenhauses, Lana, Italy
`Garden Room’, Dartington Estate, Devon, UK
`Lumieres du monde’, Centre International du Vitrail, Chartres, France
Awards (selection)
`Woo Artist Bursary’, Woo Foundation, London, UK
`Crafts Council Setting Up Grant’, London, UK
`Art in the Built Environment’, Design Award, Munich, Germany
`Salzburg Glass Prize’, Salzburg, Austria
`Reflective Practitioner’, Bursary, Arts Council England, UK
`The Prize of Arts 2013’, Holland
Miscellaneous (selection)
Consultant Artist for Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, UK
General Secretary and Bureau Member of Artists in Nature International Network (2005 to 2014)