The Spence Watson Archive Project involves the creation of a series of participatory digital artworks using heritage and archival material from Tyne & Wear Archive (TWAM) and other local collections. Concerning the Spence Watson family and their time living at Bensham Grove House, Gateshead, the project is a collaboration with Bensham Grove, artists and community members and a local school, to develop digital art and heritage art and events inspired by the archive material.

The project acts as a visual artwork and as an educational tool that brings the history and heritage of the area to a wider audience, enable the archive to be visible beyond TWAM and the other collections and produce new archival material about the area of Bensham. The overall aim is to bring the archive to life and to local people who may not know the history of the building and area and to create a sense of pride and interest for further heritage and art based events and research.