Title not set in time is a site-responsive piece, created over 6 weeks as part of A Work in Progress exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. The gallery invited its artist members to come and create in the space, turning it into a studio for the duration of the exhibition. It is an installation with a strong performative element. Viewers and other artist members were invited to create their own teacup casts, alongside the ones I have created, thereby weaving their own strong traces (fingerprints, saliva, creativity) into the piece.

The piece explores the meeting place and interplay between preservation, loss and letting go; between trace and absence; purity and stain; connection with oneself and connection with others; brokenness and healing; comfort and protection; hiding vs. exploring; emergence vs. disappearance.

The interweaving and melding of doors, windows, walls, floors, quilts, light and shadow reflect our experience of a the passing of each moment; the patchwork nature of memory, and the infusion of each moment with memory, thick and alive.

This piece contains many traces of my time spent in the gallery/studio over the weeks of the exhibition. These, of course, mingled with the marks and traces that other artists and viewers have left, both intentional and unintentional; recently and longer ago.

You can see more of the process as it unfolded on my blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/myeverydaytea