'Composition in White (Sculpture)' was the first of two situation-specific installations which I created whist I was on the 'Breathe' Artist Residency in Chongqing China in 2012. After talks with the gallery Directors I was commissioned to create a new situation-specific installation which would be unique to the Sculpture Gallery of the Sichuan Fine Art Institute. 'CiW(S)' returns to the ideas of examining the exposition of art, (see 'Sculpture and Plinth' 2009), but goes beyond it to bring in the consideration of the gallery space as a whole.
Opening in early July 2012, the piece was originally due to be exhibited for two weeks, this duration was extended on 3 occasions with the work finally being shown for 4 months until November 2012.

  • Dimensions: The gallery space of the Sichuan Fine Art Instute Sculpture Gallery, Chongqing China
  • Artforms: Installation
  • Tags: Artist-in-residence, China, Chongqing, Intervention, Site-specific, Situation-specific