A Turn for the Better is a collaborative project with an Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgeon and a group of patients recovering from treatment and surgery for oesophageal or gastric cancer, and their carers and relatives with the intention of raising public awareness of the innovative work that specialist doctors perform and the impact it has on the lives of the people involved.

Portrait of an Alternative Anatomy is the artist’s interpretation of the many complex issues confronted by everyone involved. The collage of images represent the many different aspects of the treatment and responses.

The surgery is complex and has to be adapted for each situation. There are physical and psychological side effects which affect not only the patient but also the people close to them.

This project would not have been possible without the clinical staff and the patients and their relatives being prepared to share their experiences. This was done through a series of workshops with the artist where practical and emotional experiences were explored and shared.

A dedicated website for the project showcases the work made in the workshops as well as images and narratives from diaries and records that patients kept before, during and after their diagnosis and treatment

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Funded by Arts Council England