Location: Elberry Cove, Paignton TQ3 6 HL

"Night Walk" is an EYE VIEW event devised and led by Emma Bush in collaboration with artists Mary Loveday and Anna Keleher. It takes place on Saturday 5th Oct - 6.30- 9.30pm.
‘Night Walk,’ offers a rare opportunity to experience ‘shared acts of sensing’ on a coastal walk to Elberry Cove. Through a gentle play of communal experience we will arrive together in this place at night-time, using our bodies as sensory instruments to navigate the changing light and to notice what is already there. We will create a space for conversation and reflection around the fire where we will serve hot soup and fresh bread. The walk and conversation are suitable for beginners and all those curious to experience how shared acts of sensing might deepen our sense of togetherness with place, other humans and non-humans.
Event tickets - £10, including campfire refreshments.
Bookings and more info; visit: https://eye-view.org.uk/conversations-events-lis…/night-walk