A book by Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker - Coming Soon. Book Launch - Site Gallery, Sheffield.

Laura Sillars (director, Site Gallery)
There Are No Firm Rules was the title of Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker’s Platform Residency at Site Gallery, carried out in the summer of 2016. Firm rules are the temporary creations of fnite institutions. While some have sustained for a considerable time, our rules, ideas and beliefs are short-lived in comparison to the incomprehensible expanse of Earth’s history. While they help us make sense of the world in the here and now, they don’t provide guidelines for how to prepare for the strange and the unknown that we see emerging on the horizon.
Contemplating our own destruction, or the radical altering of the frameworks in which we live (our environment, our economic infrastructure or our political systems), is part of the history of the human condition. Historian researching the rise of humans, and author of Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari has argued in line with the wider community, that despite our ability to innovate within our immediate surroundings, Homo sapiens struggle to imagine the wider associated impacts of change. So, we became accidental farmers because this was an easier way of feeding our families than hunter-gathering, but while this led to more stability it also meant more mouths to feed. Success creates demand. Te rest is history.
How then to think about where we are, and what it means to be here? How to have any personal agency inside systems which are so complex and held together by invisible, international threads of power? How do we even begin to have a conversation about the gargantuan problems of fnite resources, personal ethics and social change in a frame that renders an individual life seemingly powerless? In an exploration of these concepts, this project has developed with creative vision, deep thinking, provocation and a huge sense of humour and humanity.