Approved: 08.04.2007

Anna Boland

Artist, Gallery educator, Lecturer / academic, Maker

Approved: 08.04.2007


I am interested in cause, effect, and mutation and how we are causing mutations to happen to ourselves. We are surrounded by a world that consists of hyperspace, virtual reality, cyborgs, genetic engineering, germ warfare, and advances in communication technology are developing at an alarming rate.   My practice focuses on making the invisible visible. What would it look like if we could truly see the world around us?  Previous work has focused on communication technology - mobile phones, and the possible health implications they could cause to the body.  Currently my focus in on the air we breathe? And what is in the air around us? 

CV & Education

Qualifications and training 2005 - MA Contemporary Visual Arts, Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, UK 1999 - BA(hons) Fine Art, Southampton Institute, Southampton, UK Solo exhibitions 2001 - Solo Show, The Curzon, Soho, London Group exhibitions, 2014 -  RCA Secret Postcard, RCA, London, 2013 – Costal currents, Hastings, 2013 - RCA Secret Postcard, RCA, London2012 - Costal Currents, Hastings, 2012 - Art Brownie Rainbow 2012, INDEXG, Toronto, Canada 2011 - Open Studios, Trafalgar Works , Brighton 2011 - RCA Secret Postcard, RCA, London 2010 - Open Studios, Trafalgar Works , Brighton 2007 - 8 - paintings, Icetwice Gallery, Onley, Buckinghamshire 2006 - "Full Spectrum" - Colour and Chemistry, Sherborne House, Dorset 2006 - Mixed Show, The Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon 2005 - "HyperMArt" MA Show, Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall 2005 - Christmas Show, Jelly, Leg'd Chicken Arts Gallery, Reading 2004 - Mixed show, Courtyard Gallery, Hertford 2003 - "Prime"- 5 Artists, The Arts Pavillion Gallery, Mile End, London 2001 - Summer Show, The Jelly Leg'd Chicken Art Gallery, Reading 2000 - Graduate Show, The Jelly Leg'd Chicken Art Gallery, Reading 2000 - Mixed show, Circles Design and Art Gallery, Portsmouth 1999 - "Ambition", The Millais Gallery, Southampton 1999 - "Fusion" - BA Show, Southampton Institute, Southampton 1999 - "Towards the Millennium", Artsway, The New Forest, Hampshire 1998 - "Inside Out", The Millais Gallery, Southampton Competitions, prizes and awards 2004 - Millennium Award Winner, Ultd, London