Approved: 07.01.2009

Angela Lizon


Approved: 07.01.2009

Angela Lizon

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    Artist Statement

    Angela Lizon

    Fake Family Tree

    This series of paintings began after having a DNA test which threw up some unexpected results. I have drawn on this heritage and the little I know of it, and am filling in the gaps, expanding the unknown. The resulting paintings draw on religious iconography, fairy tales, national costume, and local flora and fauna.

    Although I am drawing on reality, I am also trying to capture something more internal, a feeling of the stories I heard growing up in 1960s/70s Wembley, stories of my family and of the exotic romance of pre-war Poland. It was a childhood peppered with occasional visits from relatives (none of whom I could understand), vodka drinking, accordian playing; death notices with photos of unnamed relatives laid out in their coffins; gifts of Polish glass, embroidered linen, painted eggs, a polish costume, a bag of goose feathers for a wedding pillow; stories of forests with wolves and bears; being taught the national anthem.

    In 1986/87 I was lucky enough to study in Krakow for a year and to get a small taste of the Poland my father knew. Parts of the countryside seemed to be untouched by modern agriculture. Fields were full of wild flowers, ploughed by horses; shepherds dressed in national costume; an elderly lady with a yoke around her neck and geese at her feet; horses and carts the normal transport; religious superstition. However, much of what I found in Poland did not match up to my father's stories. Poland was a country that had suffered greatly during the war and then continued to suffer under communism and life was very harsh and difficult for most people. To some extent I was greatly disillusioned.

    My reality was not actuality. It contained truths but also myths and images filtered through my father and further revised and embellished by my childish imagination and understanding.

    Ersatz history.

    CV & Education

    • ???Qualifications and training
    • 1987 - BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Bristol Polytechnic, Bristol
    • 1986 - Post graduate scholarship, Krakow Academy of Fine Art, Krakow, Poland
    • 2018   Elected an academician at RWA (Royal West of England Academy), Bristol.

    Solo exhibitions

             2018 - "Bird Watching", That Art Gallery, Bristol

              2016 - Soloprojects, Basel, Switzerland

              2015 - Menagerie, 8 Duke Street, St James's, London

              2013 - Modern Artists Gallery, Whitchurch on Thames

              2011 - Colossal Cats, Prema Art Centre, Gloucestershire

    • 2010 - Angela Lizon's Colossal Cats, Howard Gardens Gallery, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

    Curated projects

              2016 - "Strange Worlds - the Vision of Angela Carter", RWA, Bristol

    • 2015 - Conversation Pieces, Test Space, Spike Island
    • 2013 - Saudade, Bo-lee, London
    • 2013 - NTE, Howard Gardens Gallery, UWIC, Cardiff
    • 2013 - Be Our Guest, Oriel Davies, Wales
    • 2013 - Trailblazers, Above Second, Hong Kong
    • 2013 - Reigning Cats and Dogs, RWA, Bristol
    • 2012 - Unnatural Natural History, RWA, Bristol
    • 2011 - Modern Fabulists, View Gallery, Bristol
    • 2010 - Grotesques, Pop-up show, Bristol
    • 2010 - It's Not Funny, MAP Gallery, Leeds
    • 2010 - Ladies Night, Myplasticheart, New York
    • 2010 - Never Judge...., Stolen Space Gallery, Brick Lane, London

    Competitions, prizes and awards

              2016 - National Open Art Competition, Mercer's Hall, London

              2016 - Oriel Davies Open Painting, Newtown, Wales

    • 2015 - RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol
    • 2104 - Discerning Eye (invited artist), London
    • 2013 - Anthology, Charlie Smith, London
    • 2012 - John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
    • 2011 - Open Painting, BV Studios, Bristol
    • 2011 - BV National Open, Bristol
    • 2010 - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
    • 2010 - Threadneedle Prize, The Mall Galleries, London
    • 2009 - Exeter Contemporary Open, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter (Exhibition Award winner and Public Vote winner)
    • 2009 - Open West, Pittville Studios, University of Gloucester and Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham