Approved: 16.08.2006

Andrew Carnie

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

Concepts Andrew Carnie's slide-dissolve installations tell stories that reflect upon our understanding of the workings of the human body. In a darkened space layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through the slowly unfolding narratives that evolve before them. Slices & Snapshots is a collection

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      Artist Statement

      Concepts Andrew Carnie's slide-dissolve installations tell stories that reflect upon our understanding of the workings of the human body. In a darkened space layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through the slowly unfolding narratives that evolve before them. Slices & Snapshots is a collection of slide-dissolve works, the core elements of which are pairs of projectors set at opposite ends of a space, each casting sequences of images onto the layers of semi-translucent screens suspended between them. Narratives are created over time through images that surface onto the screens and then dissolve into slides projected from the other side. The sequential nature of Carnie's work is rooted in his joint fascination with the historically pioneering work of photographer Eadweard Muybridge and in contemporary chronophotography - the use of photographic sequencing in modern scientific analysis. Contemporary science uses chronophotography to develop an understanding of the different biological functions of the body. Photographs, for example, are taken over time using fluorescent proteins, then combined into sequences, creating quick-time movies that act as tools for viewing the developing human form: the cells of the brain moving into their working position or muscle cells viewed swimming to prescribed destinations. An understanding of the controls that influence these movements is reached by altering chemical concentrations and observing the diverse results. 'Modern scientific imaging is effecting how we perceive ourselves and developing new notions of self through techniques like MRI and CT scanning, X-rays and Ultrasound. Taking these scientific techniques as a source, I attempt to provide a wider resonance, my work existing in the mediating world of the mind - somewhere between raw scientific data and our condition as human beings.' - Andrew Carnie 2004 2004 marks the centenary of the death of Eadweard Muybridge. Through his investigations into physical movement, Muybridge is considered one of the earliest scientific photographers as well as a pioneer of modern cinema. With this exhibition Carnie pays homage to the photographer, his life, his times and the compelling imagery he created. Influences I have been inspired by many fellow travellers in the arts over the years. Some artists' work I have simply admired, others have actually affected how I approach my own work, like Joel Shapiro and Richard Wentworth - both of them have confirmed the idea for me that you could do a lot with very little, and the work they produce contains, at points, a sense of humour. I like Joan Miro's early work the Farm. I always liked film and particularly Francois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. Other influences include Francis Bacon, Picasso, Giotto and Gaudi. Biological specimens and the natural world, and a myriad of man-made things and objects have all inspired me. Career path I left university at the age of 20 where I had been studying zoology and psychology, to become a painter. I visited many galleries as a child, mainly showing more classical paintings and I was introduced to film. A significant event was being taken to Louisiana Gallery of Modern Art outside Copenhagen as a twelve year old. This gave me the first astonishing view of contemporary art and I was smitten. When I left university I had no real idea how to progress, but over the course of a year I made enough work to make an application to Goldsmiths College, London. I made leaps and bounds in my work and had a studio in Kennington. At the end of this period I was accepted by the painting school at the Royal College of Art. After my training I have always worked primarily to support my practise and made work usually three days a week. I currently teach at Winchester School of Art and I do other art based projects when they arise to make extra money. In the future I would like to develop a relationship with a gallery.

      CV & Education

      ANDREW  CARNIE                   C.V.  2016                                                   


      Home: 11 City Road Winchester Hampshire SO23 8SD                                 

      Studio:  Light Factory Andover Road Winchester        

      Tel:                  Home:              01962 87 07 57          Studio:             077 131 66 025

      Born:        8th  January  1957  London

      Current Work

      Winchester School of Art, part of Southampton University. Worked at WSA since 1990, Taught on the Foundation Course 1990 - 2005 and then Graphic Design Course, 2005- 2009, and now currently teach on the Fine Arts Programme 2009 – present.

      Honours and Distinctions

      2003 - 2004     Stanley Picker Fellow, Kingston University, London.

      1983 - 1986     Master of Arts in Painting, completed at the Royal College of Art, London.

      1979 - 1982     Bachelor of Arts completed with First Class Honours Degree In Fine Art Goldsmiths School of Art, London.

      One Person Exhibitions

      2016                Dark Garden: Heard with a Different Voice, Bridport Art Cnt, Bridport, Dorset

      2013                A Change of Heart, Discover Centre, Winchester, Hants

      2012                Dark Garden: Wired In a Different Way, Science Museum, Oslo, Norway Part of Mind the Gap.

      2010                Dendritic Form, GV Art Gallery London, London

      2009                Seized: Out of This World, Art and Mind. Discovery Cnt, Winchester, [June].

      2006                We Are Where We Are, Art and Mind Festival, Winchester, [March].

      2006                Timeline, the Capitol, Horsham, Sussex, [June].

      2004                 451, Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, [January].

                               Complex Brain, British Association Science Festival, Exeter, [September].

                               Slices and Snapshots, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London, [Oct-Nov].

      2002                 Disperse, Amnesty International Headquarters, London. [Nov].

      2003                 Embark, Millais Gallery, Southampton, [April - May].

      1999                Travelogue, Fleming Gallery, TASIS, Thorpe, Surrey, [April - May]

      1998                Fit to Travel, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [May, Part of the Whitechaple Open].

      1997                Grand Tour, Columbus, Georgia, USA, [February].

                              Passage, Hidden Art of Hackney, Hackney, [Nov - Dec].

      1996                Recover, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [September].

      1995                Walk-Walk, Photographic Work, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [April].

                              Organic, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [September].

      1994                New Floor Sculpture, Tram Depot Studios, London [July].

      1993                Bracknell Gallery, Southill Park, Bracknell.

                              Move On, Plymouth Art Centre, Plymouth.

      1992                Andrew Carnie, Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester, Hants, [Catalogue].

      1991                Travel, Tram Studios, London.

      1990                Mix, Sommeratelier, Hanover, West Germany [Residency, One-Person Show].

      1988                Projections, Zanzibar Club, London.

                              Under Canvas, Giray Gallery, London.

      1987                Vista, Angela Flowers Gallery, London.

      1985                Seeing Is Believing, Carnie Chaple Gallery, London.

                              New Work, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, London.              

      Forthcoming One Person Shows

      2019                The Winter Tree, Discover Centre, Winchester, Hants

      Group Exhibitions:

      2016                Pontos, Odemira, Bibliotheca Municipal de Odemira, from 16th December  to     14th January

                              Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment. October, Winchester Gallery Winchester

                             Pontos de Vista, August 13th to September 9th, Cultivamos Cultura, Rua de Odemira, 15 São Luis Portugal

                              Hybrid Bodies, Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany

                              Estórias & Pontos, Cultivamos Cultura, Rua de Odemira, 15 São Luis Portugal

                              Mid Term, Winchester Gallery Winchester Hampshire

      2015                Post Mortem, Rommelaere Institute, Ghent, Belgium

                             As Different as Chalk and Cheese Chalk: 10 days Biannual, The Winchester Gallery, Winchester    

                             Splice: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine, University of Uberlandia, Uberlandia, Brazil.

                            How the Light Gets In, Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh

                            Fabrica Vitae, Syggros Museum, Andreas Syggros Hospital, Athens, Greece

                            Fabrica Vitae, Stradins Museum, Riga, Latvia

      2014              Hybrid Bodies, PHI Montreal Canada, [Jan – March]

                            Art and Science, Courtyard Arts, Hertford

                             Operating Fields: Medical Imaging Across Art and Science. Babel Gallery,        Trondheim, Norway

                              Fabrica Vitae, Vesalius Continuum, Library Space, Zykanthos, Greece

                              The Brain Project Daejeon, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea

      2013                Splice: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine, Pratt Gallery, New York, USA

                              Brains: Mind as Matter, Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

                              Subjective Resonance Imaging. Human Brain Mapping Seattle, June 16-20. Seattle, USA

                              Dark Garden, Heard in A Different Voice,10 Days Creative Collisions, Winchester [Oct]

                              Explorations in Art and Science, GV Art London, [Dec - Jan]

      2012                Images of the Mind, the Moravian Gallery, (Moravská Galerie) Brno, Czech Republic

                              Polymath, GV Art, London

                              Brains: the Mind As Matter, Wellcome Trust Gallery London

                              Between: Mind Matter and Material, Inigo Gallery, Somerset House, Kings College, London.

                              Creative Force Best of British Festival Discovery Cnt, Winchester

                              Coming of Age, GV Art/Wellcome Trust, London

                              Brains: Mind as Matter, Wellcome Trust London

                              Heart YYZ Gallery Toronto, Canada

      2011                Brainstorms, GV Art Gallery, London

                              Kinetica, P3 Westminster University, London

                              Fundamentally Human, Pera, Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

                             Art and Science; A New Revolution GV Art Gallery, London

                             Images of the Mind, German Hygiene Museum, Dresden Germany

                             Images of the Mind, the Moravian Gallery, (Moravská Galerie) Brno, Czech Republic

                             Slices and Snapshots, Part of Map, 10 Days, Plot, Plunder, Possession At Theatre Royal Winchester

                              Coming of Age, Great North Museum, Newcastle

      2010                Landscapes of the Mind, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, USA

                              Experiments, GV Art, London

                              Altered States, The Lauriston Gallery, Waterside Arts Center, Manchester, Catlaogue

                              Festival Key of Life: the Body & the Brain, Leiden, Holland

                              Mind Sets, Montpellier Art Centre, Laurel, USA

                              Mind Sets, Living Learning Center Gallery, University of Vermont, USA

      2009                Invisible World. National Medical Museum /Norwegian Museum for Science and Technology, Oslo, Norway [Jan - Feb]

                              Anthology. Winchester Gallery, [May]

                              Around Here, 10 Days at the Laundry, [June]

      2008                Brain Waves, Exit Art, New York, USA, [Feb- May]

                              Chocs Away, the Yard, Winchester, [May]

      2007                Eye of the Beholder, Philocettes, Multi Disceplinary Cnt for the Imagination, 247 East 82 Nd Street New York, USA,  [April- June]

      Completed Production of Work Magic Forest for the Permanent Galleries at the Wellcome Trust

      2006                Screening of Magic Forest, ESOF, European Science Open Forum, Munich, Gemany,[Oct]

                              Neuroculture, Wesport Art Centre, Connecticut, USA, [April-May]

                              Filament, London Print Studio Gallery, London [Sept –Nov]

      2005                Einfach Complex, Design Museum, Zurich, Switzerland, [May]

                              Things Happen Completed for Mendel Museum, [Abbey of St Thomas], Brno, Czech Republic

      2004                Mensbeeld, Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam, [-April 2004].

                              Self-Ish, Scicult Gallery, London, [March-April].

                              Refresh, Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [May-June].

                             Outdoor Sculpture, Hutton Le Roof, Cumbria, [May-July].

                              Self-Ish, Victoria and Albert Museum, Exeter, [September].

                              Static, Gallery Tent Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, [Jan-Feb, Part of IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam].

      2003                Drawing With Light, Kingston University, London, [Jan-Feb].

                               Drawing the Process, [Touring Show, Loughborough University Gallery, Birmingham City Art Gallery, the Chapel Gallery, St Helens, the Hot Bath Gallery, Bath, the Clifford Fisher Gallery, Exeter].

                               Plan Art, Baker and Mckenzie, London.[March].

                              Mensbeeld, Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam, [Oct 2003].

      Sculptures In the Outback, Reveries Gallery, Maiden Gully, Australia, [Oct].

      2002                Head On, Science Museum, With the Wellcome Trust, London, [May - August, Catalogue].

                              Alight, Royal Victoria Dock, London. [April].

                              Hygiene, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, [May, Catalogue].

                              Sortie, Prudential Head Quarters, London, [June].

      Frankfurt Art Fair, [With Colville Place Gallery, London], Frankfurt, Germany, [May].

                              Alight Exhibition, Stratford Circus Space, Stratford London, [June].

      2001                Joining In, Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, [Feb, Catalogue].

                              Silent Motion, [Muybridge], Kingston University, Kingston, London, [May, 6 Page Review in Artists Rev]

                              Joining In, the Centre, Slough.

                              Sculpture In the Park, Mile End Park, London [June - Oct].

                              Silent Motion, Colville Place Gallery, London, [June, Catalogue].

      2000                Art and Architecture, British Airways, Headquarters, Waterside, London, [April].

                              Cargo, British Airways, Heathrow Airport, London, [April].

                             Departures, Virgin Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, London [April].

                              Compass, British Airways, Heathrow Airport, London, [April].

                             Journeys, Pearson Group Headquarters, [Longman Publishing], Wokingham, [May].

                              Art for Offices, Gallery, Dock Street, London, [May].

                              Urban Shores, Installation, Dash Gallery, Tower Hamlets, London, [July].

                              Smith Klein Beecham, Headquarters, London. [June].

                              New Technology, Cable and Wireless Headquarters, Holborn, London, [Sept - Dec].

                             Self Portrait, Small is Beautiful, Flowers East, London, [December].

      1999                Summer Show, Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [Jun - Aug].

                              Hackney Autumn Festival, Round Chaple, Hackney, London, [Sept].

                              Millennium, Small Is Beautiful Part XV11, Flowers East, London, [December].

                              Import/Export, Virgin Building, Heathrow Airport, [2 Person Show, Dec - March 2000].

      1998                Plasticity, the Pear Room, Hecklington, Lincolnshire, [January ].

                              Biochemistry, Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [4 Person Show, Feb - April].

                              Food, Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [8 Person Show, July - Sept].

                              Music, Small Is Beautiful Part Xv1, Flowers East, London, [December].

                               Small Works, Colville Place Gallery for Digital Art, London, W1, [Dec].

      1997                Hidden Art of Hackney, Tram Depot Gallery, Hackney, London, [Nov - Dec].

      1994                5th Mostyn Open Show, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales.

      Produced Set, for Come in the Waters Lovely, Performed by the Idc Dance Company at South Bank Centre, London, [South Bank Funded].

                              Whitechapel Open Exhibition, Whitechapel Gallery, London, [6 May - 26 June].

                               Clutch, Work Made for Feeringbury V, Feering, Colchester, Essex, [May]

                              Whitechapel Open Studio Exhibition, London, [May].

                              Twins, Photographic Work Made for Exhibition Space, Tram Depot Gallery, [July].

                              A Cut Edge, Assembly Rooms, London, Hackney Arts Festival, [3 Person Show, July].

      1993                International Spring Fair, NEC Birmingham, [with Carlton International].

      Continuation from January of Southern Arts Touring Exhibition. [Bournemouth & Luton].

      Continuation of Wits End, Ikon Touring Exhibition, Birmingham,[Halesowen College Gallery, Halesowen, Solihull College Gallery, Birmingham].

                               Artists Book Fair, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Cnt, London.

                              Tram Studios Exhibition, London, [June].

      1992                Wits End, Ikon Touring Exhibition, Birmingham.

                              Tram Studios Exhibition, Hackney, London, E5.

      1991                Tram Studios Exhibition, London, E5, [One-Person Show in Studio Exhibition].

                              Flotsam & Jetsam, G10 Space, Tobacco Dock, Wapping, London.

      1990                Clara Maria Sels Gallery, Dusseldorf, West Germany.

                              Art Work, Whitechapel at Broadgate, Exhibition, London [Oct].

      1989                John Moores 16 Exhibition, Liverpool.

                              Carnie Chaple Studio Show, London [Two Person Show].

                              Recent Acquisitions, Unilever House, Blackfriars, London, [Nov].

      1988                Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel, London.

                              The London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington, London.

                              Art After Hours, Zanzibar, London.

      1987                Drawings, Artworks Gallery, Earls Court, London.

                              Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel, London.

                              Art After Hours, Limelight, London.

      1986                The London Contemporary Art Fair, London, [Two Person Show].

                              Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London.

                              Drawings, Artworks Gallery, Earls Court, London.

                              Contemporary Art Society Exhibition, London.

      1985                Carnie Chaple Gallery, London, [Two Person Show].

      1984                Bluecoat Gallery, London, [Mixed Show].

      1983                Charterhouse Gallery, London.

                              Young Blood, Riverside Studio Gallery, London, [Mixed Show].

      1982                Installation, Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London.

      1978                Collingwood College Gallery, Durham.


      Forthcoming Group Shows

      2016                Pontos de Vista, Odemira, Portugal

      2017                9 Evenings Revisited, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, May-June

                              Time Becomes Space, Crypt Gallery, London, August.

      2018                En-Lighten, Amsterdam, the European Congress of Immunology



      SSHRC Award Canada, for a GOLA The Beat Goes On 2015

      Chalk: 10 Days 10 Days Awards / Arts Council Award 2015

      Arts Council Award, for Dark Garden sound track 2012

      Collaborations:10 Days 10 Days Awards / Arts Council Award 2012

      Arts Council Award, for Hybrid Bodies, 2010

      SSHRC Award Canada, for a PITH Change of Heart, 2011

      Norwegian Council for Mental Health (Rådet for Psykisk Helse) Award, for the production of Dark Garden, 2011

      Arts Council Award, for Coming of Age, 2010

      Wellcome Trust Award, for Coming of Age, 2010

      Arts Council Individual Award, for Seized, July 2008.

      Calouste Gulbenkian Award, for In Out, 2008

      Arts Council Individual Award, for We Are Where We Are, 2005.

      Arts Council Individual Award, for Slices and Snapshots, 2004.

      Stanley Picker Fellowship, Kingston University, London.

      Medicine In Society, Wellcome Trust Grant, Welcome Trust, London, for

      Complex Brain, Spreading Arbour, 2002.

      AHRB Award, for Scientific Collaboration for Head On, for Magic Forest, 2001.

      New College Research Support Award, Southampton University, 2002.

      Faculty of Art Award Southampton University, 2000.

      Honorarium, Tasis American College, Farnham, Surrey.

      Faculty of Art Award Southampton University, 1998.

      Honorarium, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, for Show In the USA


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      Forthcoming Books

      “The Neuro-Arts Movement” Editor Dr. Rick Garner, Kennesaw State University, Artways, USA. [email protected]


      The Good, the True, and the Ugly. A 30 min. documentary on the cultural aspects of scientific images and their production. Anwar Saab. Copyright © 2012 1001 Films


      South Korea

      Andrew Carnie.11 City Road Winchester S023 8SD.  Tel- 01962 870757. E-Mail [email protected]