For every young maritimer living in Altantic Canada, there is one who has moved on. The displaced find one another in remote corners and spin yarns about the places they’ve loved and left behind, building lore that battles heartache.

There are many reasons to walk away from a beloved place—sometimes you only realize you love something when it’s gone..



I Love You More with Every Remembering invites people to reminisce about a place they’ve loved and left behind. It encourages people to write love letters to places that continue inhabit them in some way, even though they are no longer within their geographical borders. The text from the letters becomes a palimpsest of longing and appreciation, lighting up the night in a port city, like many others, with a history of displacement—people coming and going, through force or choice; it continues still. Likewise, this project is ongoing.

I Love You More with Every Remebering. 2015.
Participatory Installation, 20 metres of screen printed fabric, overhead projector, love letters, audio recording of love letters being read. Commissioned by Third Space Gallery for their inaugural Art Works After Dark festival, Third Shift. Saint John, N.B.