These small, sculptural, folded works are products of Allison and Bray's residency in Ahrenshoop, created after the completion of the work ‘Mapping Paradise’. They incorporate text in English and German and in many cases a reworking of images from the earlier work.

The form is that of a fortune teller, which is an old folding game for children based on a flexagon (a flat, geometric model). In Germany it is called Himmel und Hölle (Heaven and Hell), Nasenkneifer (nose pincher) or Pfeffer und Salz (pepper and salt).

The flexagons fold out to reveal small linear drawings which hint at new narratives and are decorated with UVR paint which is revealed under blacklight. The hidden quality of the paint contrasts dramatically with the black and white drawings reflecting the opposition inherent in the title. The graphic quality of the drawings is reminiscent of colouring books for children, and leaves space for the viewer to make their own additions to the work, metaphorically - or literally if purchased.

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6
  • Artforms: Drawing , Painting , Sculpture
  • Tags: Allison and Bray, Himmel, Hölle, Fortune Teller, Heaven, Hell, UVR paint, drawing, painting, sculpture