Location: Huddersfield Railway Station

Exhibition Opening: 6:30pm Main Concourse Waiting Room
Issue 2 Open Call Launch: 7:30pm in The Hub

Dwell Time present a waiting room exhibition of Issue 1 art work and Bob Clayden's pinhole camera portraits which he took during the Issue 1 launch on Penistone Line Platform 2 of Huddersfield Railway Station.

Dwell Time will also launch the open call for Issue 2 in The Hub of Huddersfield Railway Station. Join Dwell Time artists, curators and partners for a relaxed evening of poetry readings, screenings and discussion. This event is free and bookable via eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dwell-time-exhibition-opening-issue-2-open-call-launch-tickets-63510516665

Issue 2 Open Call: https://dwelltimepress.wordpress.com/open-call/

Dwell Time is an arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing produced in collaboration with Penistone Line Partnership.

Dwell time: The time a train spends at a scheduled stop without moving. Typically, this time is spent boarding or alighting passengers, but it may also be spent waiting for traffic ahead to clear, or idling time in order to get back on schedule.

For Dwell Time Issue 1 Launch, Bob Clayden and Rose Knight used a custom made pinhole camera in a suitcase to photograph sitters on Platform 2 of Huddersfield Railway Station. This is long exposure photography, using traditional processing of silver based materials in a darkroom and only a pinhole as a lens. This photography is slow, and as far away from the modern day selfie as possible. To be in the picture you have to stay still for around 10 minutes, anyone moving just disappears into a blur.

Curated by Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley and Lenny Szrama in collaboration with the Penistone Line Partnership.

This exhibition and event are made possible with a YVAN microgrant and a Penistone Line Partnership microgrant.