AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a collaborative project born in 2003 to explore knowledge production through media and art. It produces an annual and itinerant gathering of artists, whose work is focused on the peculiarity of the hosting location, intended both as context and activity.
Oriented to use non-conventional spaces like expo sites, radio stations and community buildings, each event attempts to connect a macro cultural discourse to the micro-particularity of the hosting reality, through the possibilities of artistic perspectives.
AGM in 2005 took place in Toronto, Canada, hosted by SOUNDplay festival, and addressed the multilayered meanings and experiences of Silence.
Silence is much more than something regarded as opposed to noise. Silence is used and understood in various ways according to context and social or religious customs. How do we experience and understand silence, especially in a ‘noisy’ context as a sound festival? In what way can silence be investigated and expressed with sound? What does silence sound like and does it at all exist? The invited artists were encouraged to address silence with different approach: urbanity, nature, politics, physical and psychological silence.
Participants and projects presented:
1) Richard Crow with ‘Speaker, Stain, Silence’, a generative sound installation at Prefix sound gallery, and with a live performance as part of the ‘Ambient Ping’ series at Hacienda Club;
2) I. Bentzen with Jacob Kirkegaard, Emil Svendsen and Toke Tietze Mortensen with 'Silence', a sound installation in the cloak room at Latvian House;
3) Cristof Migone with ‘Quieting’, a sound installation at Prefix sound gallery;
4) Katarina Löfström with ‘Pan AM’, ‘High Noon’, ‘Hang Ten Sunset’ and ‘Red Light’, a video screening series at Latvian House.