Video Days on Citizen Journalism, Public Secrets and Video Activism: a four-day intense event through the urban space of Copenhagen, ranging from video programs in seven different venues (Videoteket of the Danish Film Institute, Vester Vov-Vov cinema, Overgaden contemporary art institute, Metro underground stations, Pixel gallery space, YNKB cultural bureau and Chamber for Interventional Media) to panel talks (in Cinemateket and Overgaden), from screenings in public spaces to the publication of a rich catalogue/reader with contributions and essays by international experts.
Taking on a social role as mediators of information that do not reach the general public, the organizers and collaborative partners of Made In Video scattered the video days across different platforms and environments such as institutions, galleries, cafés, printed publications, and the streets and backyards of Copenhagen.
Chamber of Public Secrets is an independent cultural apparatus with a large international network. The Chamber initiates collective projects and attempts to influence and reflect on topical events and issues through the use of the visual media. Chamber of Public Secrets produces a monthly TV-program for tv-tv, an independent TV station based in Copenhagen and has an archive accessible online at
Winners of the four festival categories:
1) Klaas van Gorkum (NL) with 'Film as Fossil', for the category ARThropology;

2) Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel (FR/DK) with 'Protest Underwear' for the category ARTivism;

3) Dietmar Fleischer (D) with 'Dranbleiben Dietmar Fleischer' for the category VIDEO VOODOO;

4) Maija Blåfield (FIN) with Saving the World for the category ARTdocumentation.