AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a collaborative project born in 2003 to explore changing modes of knowledge production through media and art. It produces an annual and itinerant gathering of artists, whose work is focused on the peculiarity of the hosting location, intended both as context and activity.
Oriented to use non-conventional spaces like expo sites, radio stations and community buildings, each event attempts to connect a macro cultural discourse to the micro-particularity of the hosting reality, through the possibilities of artistic perspectives. Archive and info:
The first AGM was a three-days performance event on the relationship between body and space. It took place in Trento (Italy), hosted and supported by Sconfinart, a private partnership that organised an art expo in the former agricultural fair of the city of Trento, which reflected significantly the theme of body and space.
Participants and projects presented:
1) ‘Light’ theatre-performance by post theatre group (Berlin/New York);
2) ‘Gypsum Make-up/Spaghetti/Belly Dance’ performance by N. Ekici (Turkey);

3) ‘ENTER>NET’ performance by A. Cramerotti and I. Bentzen (Italy/Denmark).