How to Dance - instructional video in several parts.

Dancing has always held a strange and fearful position in my life. I can see joy and freedom in it, but have only ever experienced sweat and embarrassment. In a desperate attempt at self help I came up with the idea of interviewing people to get advice on how to dance and then making a sort of instructional self help video in several parts. Each film takes either a personal account of, or freely given advice on, the art of dancing. Each section is made by rehabilitating a forgotten, lost or broken object and giving it a chance. Different levels of control exist in the making of the films. A broken clockwork frog is bullied into performing through the use of editing. A dancing balsa wood man looks like a puppet but is really a completely free willed automaton. An insect appears uncontrolled but is in fact carefully choreographed by the breath of the artists beautiful assistant. Like most self help videos I intend to completely ignore all advice given.