Alexander Johnson

Artist, Gallery educator

Approved: 26.02.2008

In my work I use abstraction to talk about our relationship with history, the environment and the human development of places and buildings over time. It is not necessary to know the ideas behind my work in order to appreciate the paintings in purely aesthetic terms, but I am interested in telling stories and expressing my observations, I'm not just making pretty patterns. Unifying the canvasses over the years is a linear structure that shows through in the texture of the paint as well as in the design; it all comes back to drawing. My aim is to produce an antidote to the slick digital and CGI images that surround us on screens everywhere. I like paintings with fingerprints and brush marks that look like they have been made by a human being rather than a computer programme. I love to see a trace of charcoal peeping through in works by Picasso or Matisse, revealing a change of mind - a thought process - that’s what thrills me about art and that is the spirit of what I try to do in my own work.

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