Live performance for FEM International Meeting of Women Performance and Live Art Artists, Centre Cultural de Mercé, Girona, December 2012

Duration performance: 17 min.

Materials: costume, metronome, copper earrings, copper plates, stockings, rope, carabiner, children’s mouth organ, stage lights, audience helper.

I entered the lit stage where a dress was suspended in a rope, copper earrings and plates were strewn on the floor, and a metronome stood ready. I put the dress on, put the earrings in my mouth and started the metronome. Slowly I moved around to face all four directions, making movements with my hands in each direction. In the palm of my left hand was a drawing of a bare tree, in black, resembling veins.

An audience member played a little melody on a children’s mouth organ, which made me stop what I was doing, go to the front of the stage and smack my hands in a precise manner, hard, until I could no more. I took the earrings out of my mouth and put them in my ears. I then picked up a copper plate, weighed it in my hands, and started throwing it in the air, repeatedly – before letting in drop to pick up another plate. I continued weighing and throwing plates until there again came the sound from the audience. This time I didn’t stop immediately, not until the tune had been played a few times, as I was glancing over while ignoring the sound. Finally I stopped, smacking my hands in the same manner as before.
I took the earrings off and threw them on the stage, I took my shoes off, and the stockings. I ripped a hole in each leg of the stocking, threading them on my arms, and attaching the crotch of the stockings to the carabiner at the end of the rope. I leaned forward with arms stretched out, as if flying. I moved back and forth across the stage, leaning out towards the audience. Finally the stockings ripped, and I feel on the stage floor. I got up, bowed and thanked my audience.