“anyone, anywhere” is a socially engaged research and development initiative examining space and place within the arts – questioning curatorial processes and modes of display that prioritise middle- and upper-class narratives while marginalising working-class experience.
Building on concepts underpinning my practice I will explore space not simply as point on a map, but as a series of complex negotiations defined by our individual and cultural perspectives. Over a three-month research period I will compare and contrast public and private space - identifying where these elusive terms overlap and how one informs the other. I will reflect on how our relationship to these terms is often determined by our socio-economic background, education, gender and ethnicity.

Touching on themes of identity, inclusivity, diaspora, migrancy, asylum and liberty this project will examine how our identity and perceptions shape and are shaped by the world around us through dialogue and exchange. This project will focus on the following art forms and disciplines – Museum studies, visual arts and literature.