I was approached by NUA MA students to participate in group show HOUSE GROUND PLAN. The exhibition took place at Nunns Yard gallery in Norwich, April 2018.

Non-Sites within contemporary fine art practice are largely defined as purely speculative space - a space where outcome is secondary to a process of investigation and development. The inherent tension of these sites has been a focus of conceptual Art since the post-modernist 80’s. The overt romanticism of an Artist such as Felix Gonzalez-Torres stands in direct contrast with a practitioner like Barbara Kruger and yet both are exploring the intersectionality of public and private space. In both cases we (the audience) are asked to unpack complex issues and concerns – our indulgence of which being defined by individual taste and proximity to the subject.

HOUSEGROUNDPLAN - with its utilitarian connotations and illusions to German post-industrialism, presented a number of unique concerns. If post-industrial theory asserts that it is the “form” rather than the “content” that is valuable - how to reconcile post-modernism’s research/development paradigm?
“Dead Letters” is an attempt to articulate the problematic nature of an internalised logic while acknowledging this externalised tension. The lines between conceptualisation/development and outcome become blurred and the works presentation is a conscious placement somewhere in that axis.