After the Ice, the Deluge / The Watershed
an artist's talk with Linda Stupart

Event date: 9 November 2022

In this performative artist's talk, Stupart presents two major bodies of work, 'After the Ice, the Deluge' figures relationships between the melting polar ice caps and other traumatised, abject, alien, and outsider bodies – queering the question of survival towards less boundaried ways of being in crisis.

Watershed is an immersive exploration of the River Cole in South Birmingham, made during lockdown, the work considers public/ private and police states and their relation to bodies, waters and outsides.

About Linda

Linda Stupart is artist, writer and educator from Cape Town in South Africa. They live in Birmingham in the UK, a place people think is terrible, but they really love. Their work is about bodies, ideas, and things, that don’t fit into near categories, that move between states – like bleeding women; genderqueer people; and melting icebergs.

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