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Of the City: Developers' Dinner


Of the City: Developers' Dinner

Tuesday 6th November 2018, 7-9pm

Impact Hub Birmingham

Walker Building
58 Oxford Street, Digbeth,
Birmingham, B5 5NR

The Developers' Dinner brings together invited artists, planners, architects, developers and others invested in 'regeneration' and the built environment, so that we might collectively reimagine possibilities and make new connections in a rapidly developing Birmingham.

The event acknowledges the historical relationship between artists, placemaking and the built environment, particularly in the context of gentrification, displacement, social cleansing, cultural assets and community and calls into question what it means to develop and shape spaces.

This project forms a crucial part of my ‘Artist-Friendly City’ research, interested in equitable artist-led systems design, urbanism, production and infrastructure, as I build the proposal for an artist-led hotel and cultural hub in Birmingham.

The Developers' Dinner is invitation-only, but for any enquiries, please contact Amahra at:

The artist Amahra Spence is a multidisciplinary artist and producer, exploring the ways creative practices can fulfil a service role and how artists can act as catalysts for social change and justice. In 2013, Amahra established MAIA, a production and development company building infrastructure, relationships and platforms to support sustainable creativity in cities. She is currently leading on a number of projects, including the proposal for an artist-led hotel in Birmingham.

Of the City: Developers' Dinner is supported by 'Social Works ?', the commissioning arm of Axisweb’s Models of Validation - a two year knowledge transfer partnership between Axisweb and Manchester Metropolitan University exploring socially engaged artistic practice.

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