New Art Highlights

10 - 16 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Lorna Johnson, Linda Izan, Nikki Allford and Ewan Robertson.

Pressed for thought, 2021 by Lorna Johnson

Lorna Johnson 

"Packed and pressed together we are one,

but as time goes on we change.

Not only are we buried beneath the earth,

the tarnish has set in and a further layer of matter is upon us."

Full thought - part of practice-led PhD
Sculptural object - kindling wood, various silver fabric, thread

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Perception of Taste_1 - WINE, 2000 by Linda Izan

Linda Izan 

Ceramic Tableware based on the perception of taste.This work explores the sensation of WINE going over the tastebuds.

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Gush, 2021 by Nikki Allford

Nikki Allford 

Gush comments on the rise in domestic abuse as difficult home situations intensified during lockdown.

Electrical tape, mixed media

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Non-nuclear Semiotics, 2022 by Ewan Robertson

Ewan Robertson 

The second of three new sculptural works made for Iron: Translating Territories

Artists: Pawel Czekanski | Clare Flatley | Gordon Munro RSA | Rachel Nolan | Ewan Robertson | Oana Stanciu | Michal Staszczak

IRON: Translating Territories examines iron’s multiple facets and roles by seeking new routes and practices to map unfamiliar territories and possibilities through art practice. The exhibition will unveil diverse understandings of the physical world around us and explore the creative potential and complexity in this singular material. Academician Gordon Munro RSA has assembled a pan-European group of artists, each bringing a unique perspective in their responses to the place of iron in our lives and its use as an artistic medium.

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