New Art Highlights

19 June - 26 June 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Jan Lee Johnson, gobscure, Leise Wilson and Elisha Hughes.

'ARCTICTOK' protest painting no 2, 2013-2014 by Jan Lee Johnson

Jan Lee Johnson

Oil on canvas

Gliding along the ice floes, the arctic melting, exquisite figurines their expressions frozen beneath the delicate glazes of prized meissen porcelain; the gilded and wealthy and the high stakes of outbidding through deceit and deception, the future of the wondrous arctic...

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love&rage 2020ce, by gobscure


love&rage midsummer 2020 c.e. i,ii, iii. gobscure

been signing off love&rage long-term, variations on this art made down years

these three visualpoems made in our council backyard (where we continue to shield) using
• a3 black mounting board
• titanium white acrylic paint
• black sumi ink
• ruby marker
• dusk-rose and gold liquid chalk markers
• love&rage

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Monty, 2020 by Leise Wilson

Leise Wilson

Note to self- Do not be a grateful puppy. Oil and pencil on canvas 7"x 9".

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Untitled, 2017 by Elisha Hughes

Elisha Hughes

Mixed media, 2017

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