New Art Highlights

30 September - 6 October

New Art Highlights of the week includes James Moore, Naty Lopez-Holguin, Jad Oakes and Robin Tarbet

Bertrand Russell Abandons Wales AD1970, 2019 by James Moore

James Moore 

A painting of Bertrand Russell's funeral in Wales.

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From the waste around us, 2019 by Naty Lopez-Holguin

Naty Lopez-Holguin 

Often people refer to large causes, those of grandeur, which seem distant and unattainable when considering global changes. Meanwhile, many more achievable small actions could positively contribute if we were to look at our 'habit formation'.

We are so accustomed to 'choice' within our consumer society - the latest phone, the glossier mascara, that makes us oblivious to our complicity.

"From the waste around us" presents the low value, everyday in a transformed state, to simultaneously instigate associations and interpretations. Naty Lopez-Holguin's intervention at The Change Room aims to create a pause for us to consider our everyday actions.

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MoonScape, 2019 by Jad Oakes

Jad Oakes 

Silent looping film, lasting 1hr18mins12secs, shows the phase and libration of the Moon from 2011 through til 2019 viewed through a circular optic.

Handmade from Bog Oak, American Walnut and Oak.

48.5 x 15 16 cm

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HUMDRUM, 2019 by Robin Tarbet

Robin Tarbet 

‘Humdrum’ brings together a group of diverse artists who address the mundane, overlooked and sometimes boring aspects of daily life. The Exhibition will reflect upon the often overlooked or disregarded. For these artists the ephemeral and waste products of everyday life become the canvas for the fantastical, the act of boredom and repetition as potential for creative outcomes and everyday journeys providing new narratives.

Exhibiting artists : Ruth Chambers, Ian Gouldstone, Adam Hennessey, James Irwin, Bruce Ingram, Jack Lavender, Hamish Pearch, Rob Reed, Sebastian Sochan, Robin Tarbet, Mimei Thompson, and Craig Wylie > exhibition is open by appointment until 17th October

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