New Art Highlights

29 October - 9 November 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Olivia Penrose Punnett, Joe Hancock, Sam Lee and Richard Higlett

Different Interruptions of Dust, 2018 by Olivia Penrose Punnett

Olivia Penrose Punnett

Gold Ink Photogravure print in gold. Different Interruptions of Dust are prints of the 1979 eruption of the Soufrière Volcano on StVincent. The original images were taken by Duncan Richardson & Dr Keith Rowley, volcanologist and current president of Trinidad.

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How to put up a shelf (I), 2011 by Joe Hancock

Joe Hancock 

text / audio / performance / installation

I videoed myself putting up a shelf in my studio, and then reviewed the footage, recording all the decisions, no matter how small, that I could see myself making.

Taking a Decision to comprise a Question and an Answer e.g.

Q: Do I want that?
A: Yes.
D: I want that.

...I wrote what I believed were the questions I was asking during the process, e.g. ‘Is it level?’, ‘Is the drill set to the correct speed?’ The resultant list of 553 questions became the first part of my open-ended preoccupation with shelves.

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New World Disco, 2018 by Sam Lee

Sam Lee 


This mobile sculpture is inspired by both disco balls and natural form. It is an outdoor or indoor disco event and the reflected sun light and wind turn the individual parts to the music of trees and bird song. We live in the wonderful age of electricity with which so much of our modern world is powered and entirely relient on but when the power is gone all we have left is nature. This installation is made in the spirit of peace, diversity (natures genuis and complexity) playfulness and conservation. It is built from a mixture of natural and modern material.


Cette sculpture mobile s'inspire à la fois des balles disco et de la forme naturelle. C'est un événement disco en plein air et la lumière du soleil réfléchie et le vent transforment les différentes parties en musique d'arbres et de chants d'oiseaux. Nous vivons dans l'ère merveilleuse de l'électricité avec laquelle une grande partie de notre monde moderne est alimentée et entièrement dépendante, mais quand le pouvoir est parti, tout ce qui nous reste est la nature. Cette installation est faite dans l'esprit de paix, de diversité (natures genuis et complexité), d'enjouement et de conservation. Il est construit à partir d'un mélange de matériaux naturels et modernes.


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Etc is the New Etc, 2018 by Richard Higlett

Richard Higlett

Text Piece, dimensions variable

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