Five2Watch: Education

To celebrate the launch of this year's Praxis showcase, we've selected five artists who have made work with education in mind: Francoise Dupre, Andrew Howe, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Robert Foster-Jones and James William Murray.

Brixton Calling! 2012 - 2011

Francoise Dupre

Brixton Calling! was a collaborative and participatory project and an exhibition that connected contemporary Brixton to its past - through the history of 1980s Brixton Art Gallery & Artists Collective and their archives.

It was a collaboration between 198 Contemporary Art and Learning (director: Lucy Davies and curator: Barby Asante) and BACA (5 individual members of the Brixton Artists Collective: Teri Bullen, Guy Burch, Françoise Dupré, Rita Keegan, Stefan Szczelkun).

Françoise Dupré was BACA project manager and co-curator. Brixton Calling! received funding from Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund. Project partners included: Tate Archive, Tate Britain; Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths, University of London; Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University; Lambeth Archives, Tate Collective, (formerly known as Tate Forum); The Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies, Oxford; Burntwood School, Wandsworth.

Archive materials, ephemera and records gathered during Brixton Calling! were deposited at Tate Archive (TGA 201211), Women’s Art Library, Hall Carpenter Archive (LSE) and Lambeth Archives.

Brixton Calling! main activities included:

• Research development and realisation of a series of Archive Installations by BACA, focussing on key exhibitions that took place at the Brixton Art Gallery between 1983-1986.

• Research development and creation of an interactive digital Timeline by Sally Mould.

• 7 Community Archiving and Engagement projects based at 198 and developed in Brixton right through the Project.

• Project's exhibition at 198 (28 October- 21 December 2011)

• A series of gallery talks, events and a symposium

• A Project booklet

Photo credits: Andy Martinez, Françoise Dupré

Francois Dupre

Cinderloo 1821, 2018 - 2021

Andrew Howe

This socially engaged project brings together history, contemporary responses, writings and artwork. We secured public funding from project partners for a range of different activities including walks, community workshops, film-making, zines, books and other artworks, educational work with schools, heritage skills workshops, local history and family history research and talks.

I co-founded the Cinderloo 1821 community group to raise awareness of the Cinderloo Uprising which took place 200 years ago, when 3,000 miners and their families marched in protest at proposed pay cuts and increasing poverty. They gathered at the cinderhills of Old Park in Dawley (now the Telford Forge Retail Park), where the protest culminated in conflict with the Shropshire Yeomanry. Two men were shot dead with many injured, and one man, Thomas Palin, was hanged for “felonious riot”.

I lead art projects, both self-initiated and participatory, focusing on different aspects of the historic event, working in partnership with Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC and artists and writers including Jill Impey, Andy McKeown, Jean Atkin, Amanda Hillier, Kate Allan and Jean McEwan.

We worked with over 400 children and 9 primary schools in Telford as part of Historic England's Heritage Schools programme.

The film Bear Witness: The Lie of the Land was created with Jill Impey.

The Witnesses series of drawings and paintings of 200 year old trees stemmed from a poem I wrote reflecting on their being no totally reliable witness accounts of the events except perhaps the trees. I located old trees estimated to be over 200 years old with assistance of records provided by Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Severn Gorge Countryside Trust.

I produced the zine Out of the Dark in collaboration with participants in project workshops and contributions from writers and artists.

Andrew Howe

Ignite, 2016

Anna Chrystal Stephens

Fire lighting investigation, including:
- Performative workshop as part of Feral Practice's Wood To World
- Photography of assembled ancient and modern firelighting kits

Anna Chrystal Stephens

Truth Immaterial: An introduction to Alchemy; the history, methodology and practice of ‘The Great Work', 2017

Robert Foster-Jones

A performance lecture presented at the opening of Solve et Coagula, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol, UK. The work collated found imagery and vector diagrams to deliver an introduction to the history and practice of alchemy, as well as provided further insights into the objects and materials on show in the exhibition.


Interpretive live reading of 'Some Notes on the phenomenology of making' by Robert Morris, 2020

James William Murray

Artist James William Murray reads from Some Notes on the Phenomenology of Making by the late American artist Robert Morris. Streamed via Instagram live, May 2020.

Published 17 March 2022