Five2Watch Black History Month


Five2Watch: Black History Month

This weeks Five2Watch celebrates Black artists and their artworks, featuring: Stephen Anthony Davids, Quilla Constance, Andrew Jackson, Colin Anthony Graham and Barbara Walker.

Handsome in Pink, 2022

Stephen Anthony Davids

Size: 80cm x 80cm
Medium: Oil on wood


'Fem Signify', 2022

Quilla Constance

Painting in Progress (Oil on Canvas) by Quilla constance

Quilla Constance

Riverhouse, Kingston Jamaica, 2017

Andrew Jackson

40 x 50 inches - Pigment Print

From the series - “From a Small Island”, commissioned by mac birmingham, takes a personal perspective on migration from Jamaica to the United Kingdom and asks key questions relating to continued debates on migration:

How does home manifest for those within the African Diaspora?

What happens when many spaces have been posited as home?

What happens when narratives of home and belonging are denied through the legacy of colonialism?

This new series of work, explores themes of #identity, #migration, #memory and #family #fromasmallisland

Andrew Jackson

Union Blacks, 1998 - 2020

Colin Anthony Graham

This flag encapsulates African and Afro Caribbean history in the UK by listing the names of some personalities from the 17th century to the present day. 

Colin Anthony Graham

Show and Tell, 2011

Barbara Walker

Work produced whilst Artist in Residence at The New Art Gallery Walsall, April - July 2011. Photographs Jo Hallington. Courtesy of the artist



Published 19 October 2022