Five2Watch: Ceramics

For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who have made work with ceramics: Zoe Preece, Olivia Walker, Emma Gladwin, Nerissa Cargill Thompson and Andrew Adair.

Espresso cup (Material Presence), 2018

Zoe Preece

Porcelain and flux



Porcelain and Terracotta Vessels, 2014

Olivia Walker

Three coloured porcelain thrown and altered vessels pierced with terracotta spikes.

Olivia Walker


spiked orb, 2005

Emma Gladwin

Emma Galdwin


Beached, 2018 - 2020

Nerissa Cargill Thompson

Over the past few years the issue of plastic pollution, particularly of our coasts & seas, has become of mainstream concern, featured daily in the press. There are thousands of TEDX talks available on YouTube & new books being produced to help us all cut down our plastic use. Even governments are proposing bills to force change in both production and use to combat this issue.

Beached, highlights the issue of plastic pollution. It invites us to consider the packaging that we use and discard on a daily basis; objects such as drinks bottles, styrofoam cups and food wrappers that are so lightweight and seem so insignificant that we barely notice them.

Casting concrete in actual litter gives this waste a greater physical and psychological presence that mirrors the seriousness of the ecological catastrophe we are creating with them.

Incorporation of detailed embroidery touches upon the way our waste becomes subsumed into the natural world around us. However, the pretty, colourful lichens, seaweed and molluscs fail to obliterate the hulking, grey, concrete bottles that peer out from beneath them. The damage we are causing to planet earth and ourselves may be hidden but it is there nevertheless and needs our immediate attention.

Nerissa Cargill Thompson


untitled, 2019

Andrew Adair

small wheel thrown distorted pot

Andrew Adair


Published 27 November 2020