Five2Watch Watercolours



For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who work with watercolour: Katya Robin, Toddy Hoare, Rachel Magdeburg, Clive A Brandon and Richard Day. 

Deadhead Watercolours, 2017

Katya Robin

During late Summer I collected deadheads from my garden and processed then into paint for Deadhead Mix. I also made a number of works by soaking papers. 

Autumn/Winter 2017: 

Since then I’ve have been making watercolour paintings only using Caput Mortuum (a paint colour named in the Latin for dead head). Caput Mortuum is a dense pigment that naturally sinks rather than flows. I use a wet into wet technique so the brushstroke and pigment disperse, and actively use ‘backruns’. My watercolour methods are also influenced by contemporary suminagashi (Japanese marbling). I’ve been using the inner circumference of circle templates to make a taut pool. I am working with the interaction of surface tension, pigment granulation, and stroke gesture.


Rachel Gretton Glass

Sundry Watercolours and sketches at the moment/place, 2014

Toddy Hoare

These are quick sketches coloured from memory of places in passing. A study of:

Barnes Terrace backdated to an Edwardian era.
Binham Abbey, Norfolk.
Christchurch Cathedral chancel, Oxford.
Christchurch Cathedral chancel vaulting, Oxford.
Wedding, Peccioli church interior, Italy.


Toddy Hoare

Watercolour series (Fruits), 2017

Rachel MagdeburgRachel Magdeburg

Jutanjarga/Lyngen Alps, Norway, 2013

Clive A Brandon

Small watercolour sketches made during 2013 travels to the Lyngen alps, near Tromsø, Norway.

Clive A Brandon

Walk in the woods I, 2017

Richard Day

Watercolour on paper

 Richard Day


Published 20 April 2018