Five2Watch The Body


Five2Watch: The Body

For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who explore the body as part of their practice: Paul Hazelton, Carla Cuomo, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Gordon and Mary and Natalie Ramus

Body Hair: Existention, 2013

Paul Hazelton

Created from geometrically woven human hair, 'Body Hair' is a work that continues my interest in creating three-dimensional drawing using, in this case, a geometric pattern first observed in a simpler form in 1980 during a sunset over the sea in Margate. When I drew the pattern later that evening I had inadvertently drawn the proportions of a human form.

This work is in the permanent collection of the Olbricht Foundation, ME Collectors Room, Berlin

Harriet Hill

Variation On the Body, No.02 (Untitled Sequence, London 2018), 2018

Carla Cuomo

This is a work in progress where I employ my own body to produce a series of emblematic works addressing issues of sexuality, mysticism and the nature of female desire. This first series looks at how the body registers, occupies and defines the space while incorporating personal and found objects that recall element taken form rituals, shamanism, and alternate state process. 

The use of the body here is often fragmented or partially obscured, but still employed as a recurring presence

Emily Hess

Body Sculpture, 2014

Robyn LeRoy-Evans

body sculpture (in red)

Eve Dent

Crying Into Her Body, 2012

Gordon and Mary

[INstitutional] BODY: DE(con)STRUCTION, 2016

Natalie Ramus

[INstitutional] BODY: DE(con)STRUCTION is a performance to camera of the removal of the work, [INstituional] BODY. DE(con)STRUCTION documents the dialogue between my body and the tape in the realisation that it is time for us both to leave the institution- my time here is done.

Louise Plant


Published 04 May 2018