Five2Watch: Surface

Axisweb has selected five artworks featuring contemporary artists whose work considers surface: Rebecca Lowe, James William Murray, David Morgan-Davies, Sharon Baker and Suzanne Davies

Stone River #3, 2016

Rebecca Lowe

Reduced colour digital photograph
Carboniferous rock, traces of two riverbeds, 315 million years

Rebecca Lowe

Untitled (Double Exposure) V, 2017

James William Murray

Graphite rubbings on sugar paper
84. x 61 cm

James Murray

Another Surface, 2015

David Morgan-Davies

Part of 'Another Surface' triptych continuing an exploration with 'constructed landscapes' . The original photographs were taken on the Somerset Levels. 

David Morgan Davies

Large CBWD I, 2016

Sharon Baker

Photopolymer Intaglio

Sharon Baker

Cracks in the Surface, 2015

Suzanne Stuart-Davies

Six monoprints, for the 'Frost & Fire' exhibition. Oil & watercolour on paper. Knowetops Lochs is a Scottish Wildlife Reserve in a remote upland area of Galloway. Frost on ice transformed the surface of the water.

Suzanne Davies

Published 6 October 2017