#Five2Watch: Printmaking 

This week in #Five2Watch we pick five artists working in print, featuring Lucy McCall, Helen Robertson, Naomi Harwin, Andrew Revell and Carl Rowe.

Lucy McCall >

Using found photographs and pages from worn magazines, in which the image was found disrupted - Lucy progressively dilutes the imagery through repetition and fragmentation, often accepting chance happenings and mechanical mishaps.

Untitled Triptych (colours) 2012

Unititled Triptych (Colours), 2012

Helen Robertson >

Helen Robertson is a London based artist and Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and Camberwell College of Arts, The University of the Arts London. Her practice foregrounds the liveness of experience, through an articulation of situations/configurations in which our encounter as viewers, participants, bystanders…. is pivotal. The pieces evolve through processual involvement with materials, process, space, bodies, site, context, history…works by other artists, writers, choreographers, architects….

Eu referendum poster event 2016

EU Referendum poster event, 2016


Naomi Harwin >

Grounded in process Naomi Harwin’s practice observes the relational qualities of objects and forms in correspondence with space.  Considering how we organise and interpret visual information, Harwin reflects on how we might comprehend objects through the aid of models and images.

02 / 01

02 / 01, 2016


Andre Revell >

Andrew employs a constellation of contemporary concepts, traditional fine art techniques, craft skills, engineering and cutting edge digital technologies to meticulously construct the sculpture.

Each artwork is evidence of ‘being in the moment’ and bears repeated, engaged contemplation.

#4P Hannibal

#4P Hannibal, 2010

Carl Rowe >

Carl describes himiself as essentially an artist using print process, whose practice employs a broad range of applications including video, performance, text and culinary methods. 

Conical Axial

Conical Axial, 2016


Published 6 January 2017