Five2Watch: Oil

Axisweb has selected five artworks featuring contemporary artists working with oil paint: G L Brierley, Sarah Spackman, Ann Raby, Vivienne Baker and Jan Lee Johnson

G L Brierley >

......Over time, as these different manners of applying paint fused together at the centre of the canvas, a painted mass took up residence, flipping between materiality and the non-thing, not securely a depiction but not nothing either: both, really, at once.

Gl Brierley

Vex'd Sea 8, 2014

Vivienne Baker >

My general working methods in the mediums of both painting and print-making involve a slow build-up of layers of differing tonal values and opacity and the use of colour contrasts and harmonies in the description of space. 

Vivienne Baker

Lapetus, 2016

Sarah Spackman >

I am very interested in how we see things and relate them to their surroundings. I continue to develop thoughts and ideas around perception using a small number of objects in the intimate space of the still-life table.

Sarah Spackman

Sheila's Apples, 2016

Jan Lee Johnson >

I research art collections to explore themes, and develop these through drawings and re-scaling till a larger composition emerges.

Jan Lee Johnson

'ARCTICTOK' protest painting no 2, 2013-14

Ann Raby >

The emphasis of previous work has been the use of abstraction to portray an atmospheric and ethereal sense of the landscape. In order to achieve this I have used my observations of the natural environment and interpreted them through the use of colour and texture to create the sensation of  being encompassed within the landscape rather than being a mere observer.

Ann Raby

Pink Chair, 2016

 Published 13 January 2017