Axis Digital Residency 2021


Round 1: Now Closed


About our Award

The Axis Digital Residency seeks to support artists who require additional resources and support to develop and disseminate new work over a three month period. We are looking for artists working in any medium, not just digital, but who are interested in sharing their residency experiences with our online community, and who are ready to shine a critical spotlight onto their work and practice.

Successful applicants will receive £1,500, a bespoke package of support, critical engagement from a writer, use of our digital platforms, as well as opportunities to engage with our content and members.

For the first six months of 2021 we’re offering two opportunities for artists to take part in our Axis Digital Residency Programme.


What are we looking for?

This is an opportunity for experimentation and artistic development over a three month period. It is designed to be outcome focused and to provide opportunities for public and critical reflection on your practice.

In your application you must:

  • Evidence of a strong and consistent body of work and independent practice.
  • Evidence a project outline that will contribute to the creation of new work for distribution on our digital platform at the end of a three month period.

    It is important that you already have ideas for dissemination, such as:

    • Format - what format your output takes.
    • Context - understanding how and why your project is relevant.
    • Engagement - how will you engage with our online community.
  • You will be able to identify a theme that runs through your practice. This will inform the rest of our content and micro-commissions for the months that you are in residence. We would like you to explore our directory during this time and to help highlight the work of our members.
  • You will be comfortable discussing your practice and/or the chosen theme with members of Axis and be ready for a writer to critically respond to your work.
  • Applicants must be able to indicate how the proposed project relates to the development of their artistic practice. We are especially interested in artists that can demonstrate why it is the right time in their artistic career for them to receive this support.


What are we offering?

£1,500 broken down as: 

  • £500 artist fee.
  • £750 for the development of new work.
  • £250 for taking part in conversations and the selection process of other content.

Use of our digital platforms, to share your development during the residency and to disseminate new work at the end of the residency period.

A bespoke package of support from the Axis team and an external mentor.

An opportunity to share thoughts on your practice and interests in the format of a written or recorded conversation to be distributed among our members and featured on our site.

A critical spotlight on your work in the form of a text written by a member of the Axis team or an external writer to be distributed among our members and featured on our site.

An opportunity to select content from our membership directory and to contribute to the selection of micro-commissions during your three month residency period.



The Axis Digital Residency Opportunities will be exclusively available to all types of Axis members. To find out more click here.

We especially welcome applications from artists of diverse backgrounds.

Applications are open to individuals and collaborative groups. For a group to be considered for the opportunity, all members of the group must have an active membership.


Get started with your application

Deadline: 10:00am, 16 November 2020

Application Form Download - for information to help prepare your proposal.

***Applications for Round 1 are now closed***

If you would prefer to submit your application as an audio or video recording, please email your audio or video file via wetransfer to [email protected] The appropriate questions can be found in the Application Form download link above. No assessment of the production quality of your audio or video recordings will be made.


Help and Advice

Our email is [email protected]


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