Greetings From The Sick Bed by Jaron Hill

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Axis is extremely excited to announce Greetings From The Sick Bed by Jaron Hill, a collection of works that include photography, poetry, and music. This collection is also accompanied by an additional poem by the artist Wolfie Wright.

The release of Greetings from the Sick Bed marks the end of Jaron’s time on the Axis Digital Residency. Over the course of February you can view this collection within our new Axis Viewing Room, which is free to attend and can be accessed here.

To obtain the best viewing experience we recommend you use a desktop computer.

About Greetings from the Sick Bed:

“80% of this body of work was made whilst I was laid in bed, or at least wrapped in a blanket. For me, Like many other people, extended periods of time alone indoors lead to an increase of time spent in digital realms. The six songs which make up Greetings From The Sick Bed explore this strange separation between mind and body; The inactive body controlled by a mind so overstimulated by exposure to infinite technological worlds, saturated by pixels & blue light, notification sounds, video games, streaming channels and social media platforms, all filtered through my own personal proclivity for fantasy.

The six songs are accompanied by a series of images taken with Wolfie Wright, a close friend and fellow artist who joined me on a trip to the Rhinog mountains in Wales, late last summer. We were deep in a place that was entirely bursting with natural activity, far from phone signals and internet connection. Our lodgings were a barn (one half of which still sheltered farm animals) which stood as the sole and final building at the edge of the mountain range. This environment was entirely at odds with the tiny ex-council flat we shared in London, where I spent the majority of 2020 and 2021 laid in my sick bed. Despite its remoteness, the Welsh mountains were a place of pure imagination; the perfect antidote for the tightening grip of deep inner city isolation. This undisturbed weekend retreat framed solitude in an entirely different light, one of freedom and groundedness. Together, Wolfie and I took a series of images to document our journey, and recently wrote two poems recounting the events and experiences we shared for those few days. The poems were written separately and we didn’t share them with one another until both were finished.”

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