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Vacant Space

As part of our Vacant Space project, Axis take on empty commercial properties and hand access over to our members. We are keen to support and stimulate growth in regional arts by providing resources, advice, and by empowering artists. By providing access to empty properties Axis can help ‘artist-led’ ecologies grow and connect with a wider local public.

Access to these spaces has been difficult over the course of the pandemic, but now, as things start to open up, we are extremely pleased to be able to share a little insight into some of these developing projects.

TactileBOSCH turns 20

NSU4, The Capitol Shopping Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2HQ 

Unit 31, The Capitol Shopping Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2HQ

“We wanted to give artists a place to roam free without consequence, to kick off, to make real their ideas” Kim Fielding ‘tB Founder 2010’

For the last 20 years Cardiff based tactileBOSCH has been one of Wales’ most ambitious and energetic arts collectives, championing artistic experimentation in unusual contexts, bringing together a heady mix of performance art, multi-media, site-specific installation, and social space.

The 20th anniversary year launches with an immersive sensory exhibition, which honours the atmospheric leaky buildings previously inhabited and transformed, combined with an array of archive material and footage.  Over the last two decades tactileBOSCH has worked with over 1000 artists across the globe, welcoming local and international artists and curators into these spaces to present a vibrant and diverse array of new art to new audiences. By working in disused buildings and unusual spaces, we create a context in which artists are free to experiment with their work in ways entirely impossible in a traditional gallery setting.

In 2019, we launched our Lounge space with the support of Axis, which provided us with a Central location for a rolling programme of exhibitions, residencies and workshops. It is always our intention to create a welcoming and inclusive space, and wherever we are located we work to develop strong connections, encouraging participation, discovery and sharing. In 2021 we opened our Night Skool at the Lounge which offers immersive drawing and printing classes, feedback sessions for younger artists and masterclasses in performance and time based practice.

Our history is intertwined with the DIY movement and we maintain this ethos, focusing on generating community, encouraging experimentation, play and permission to fail. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers that exist between art forms inviting site-specific installation, poetry, DJs, video, performance, live music, dance along with sculptural and sonic interventions. We are always open to people getting in touch with new ideas and will do what we can to make them real.

As we move into our next decade, we hope to develop, expand, and diversify our community, creating multi-disciplinary partnerships that help to build resilient grassroots creative networks. We will continue to nurture young talent through various platforms, making arts accessible to those that may feel excluded by the elitism of the white wall gallery. Get in touch; you will always be welcomed with open arms, a cuppa and a sense of possibility.


tactileBOSCH 20, Hanging Around - photo credit: Beth Greenhalgh


Collaboration tactileBOSCH and Antibodies collective 2019, Kyoto - photo credit: Phil Babot.


Under the Counter Culture 2019 - photo credit: Andrew Johnson 


(((o))) tactileBOSCH20 - photo credit: Beth Greenhalgh.



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