Engage 2017, The Whole Picture: Rethinking Diversity

Engage 2017, The Whole Picture: Rethinking Diversity

The annual Engage conference kicks off this year in Hull on the 29-30 November. Titled The Whole Picture: Rethinking Diversity? The conference will explore and reflect on issues of inclusiveness, diversity and cohesion at a particularly turbulent time, and how can the arts can best respond to this.

The conference has been programmed by Dawn Cameron and Derrick Armstrong and will provide a platform to consider Diversity not just a box-ticking exercise but something more personal and complex. Discussions and activities be addressed under four key provocations:

What do we talk about when we talk about diversity? Is diversity practice too often focused outwards at the expense of challenging internal customs?

Nothing about us without us is for us. Who needs to be in the room when we talk about diversity and why?

Who decides what matters? How is the agenda set: top down, bottom up or somewhere in between

Are we there yet? How will we know when we’ve got there? What will an inclusive, diverse sector look like?

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This year our guest blogger is the artist Maru Rojas who will be reporting and sharing thoughts live from the event. Maru practice spans live art, writing and education and centres around forms of language. She has recently exhibited at Guest Projects, Shaped in Mexico and at the Art Licks Weekend. She has written for This is Tomorrow, HOAX magazine and COPY.

You will be able to follow her progress and updates on the conference on our Twitter and Instagram.

Rojas 3

Tortilla Making, 2017, Maru Rojas


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